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Laurel County Corrections - London, Kentucky
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The Laurel County Correctional Center is located in London, Kentucky: the heart of southeastern Kentucky. We house approximately 300-400 county, state, or federally incarcerated inmates. Our facility consists of 3 floors, which include a male and a female detoxification dorm on the first floor, along with 4 isolation cells under constant observation. The second floor houses female inmates as well as our maximum security male inmates. The third floor is for general housing and includes a designated wing for protective custody inmates and sex offenders. Officers stationed on these two floors are in the cells at least once an hour and often more to establish safety and wellbeing of the incarcerated.

Jailer Jamie Mosley took office here in January 2011 with a mindset that he represents 3 different groups of individuals: the inmates and their families, the tax payers, and the staff of the correctional center. Since his tenure, Jailer Mosley has begun to “set the bar” as a leading correctional agency in the state of Kentucky and to represent each of these groups.

Cameras have been placed in each cell to virtually eliminate the amount of assaults taking place within the facility. Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap dispensers have been placed in each cell to help reduce sickness and infection. A majority of the cells have been completely remodeled, with the shower areas stripped down and refinished to make a cleaner and safer living environment for inmates. The kitchen, which was in desperate need of repair, was completely torn down and rebuilt.

Inmate labor has been utilized in order to complete each step of the jail’s transformation, which in return has saved tax payers millions of dollars. Also, Jailer Mosley has been able to give annual raises to all of his staff and officers have been provided with Tasers, uniforms, better training and countless other amenities to help make their jobs easier and a lot safer.

Jailer Mosley’s leadership has instilled a common goal amongst the jail and everyone associated with this remarkable facility.

Our mission at the Laurel County Correctional Center is to set the standard as the model correctional agency in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, utilizing proactive programs, interpersonal communications with modern methods of custody, care and control. As members of this agency we will maintain a professional environment that encourages positive behavior in order to deliver responsible individuals back into our communities. We will remain committed to our purpose of protecting the community by securely housing inmates placed in our custody by the courts and make every effort to positively impact their lives. Each member of this agency will strive to become elite and display a relentless commitment to excellence in our field... Corrections.

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