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Laurel County Corrections - London, Kentucky
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Re-Entry Program


One of the cruelest facts in criminal justice is that more than 40 percent of ex-inmates end up being sent back to jail within three years of their release. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right guidance before and after they complete their sentences, former inmates can build successful lives on the outside.

The  Mission of the Laurel County Correctional Center Inmate Reentry Program is to focus on the transition from detention to community by initiating treatment (i.e. substance abuse, life skills, education, cognitive-behavioral change) within the correctional center that will assist inmates to adjusting to life in their communities as a productive, law abiding citizens.


The overall goals of our re-entry program are as follows:

  • To reduce inmate recidivism (repeat criminal behavior) thus reducing the burden on the criminal justice system and tax-paying citizens


  • To reduce non-compliant behavior of inmates during their incarceration by introducing new and effective coping techniques to deal with living in a close environment with other incarcerated offenders.


  • To provide inmates access to new behavioral approaches that can be applied and integrated into their life beyond their time of incarceration, also making available community resources so that transition back to society is smoother and an easier transition.

 For more information about the facilities Re- Entry Program please contact us at sdavis.lcdc@gmail.com or call at 606-878-9431