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Laurel County Corrections - London, Kentucky
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The Laurel County Correctional Center provides the numerous programs to inmates helping them better prepare to return to the community as productive citizens. We are currently collaborating with local agencies and organizations to provide Graduation Equivalency Diploma, GED Classes, and twelve step treatment and recovery program, Celebrate Recovery. We have recently added Cognitive- Behavioral Treatment resources from Correctional Counseling, Inc. that are being implemented in a classroom setting. These materials will be used by our reentry facilitator to help identify and address inmate risk factors. By providing these programs, we hope to reduce the rate of recidivism (return of from inmates) among our current inmate population, ensuring increased community safety.


Below are the classes we offer and a brief description of each

Anger Management

               This class is targeted for adults who have problems with managing feelings of anger and frustration in an appropriate way. This class also targets substance abusers, criminals, and individuals involved in domestic violence or dysfunctional relationships. Individuals participating in these classes must complete homework prior to attending the class for a group discussion.

Life Skills

               This class is targeted for individuals who are about to enter the work world as well as those who have poor work histories. This program also helps repeat offenders of petty crime including vandalism, bad checks, repeat traffic offenders, and people owing restitution. The program focuses on rules, relationships, feelings for others, goals, values, and making commitments.


               Our Parenting and family values class is used with individuals in any type of treatment, but especially with female offenders in need of parenting skills. Participants confront their parenting skills and habits, perform a clarification on their values regarding family, and establish appropriate discipline routines. This class also target an individual who have failed to maintain obligations to pay family or child support and directly confronts this issue.

Criminal Thinking

               This class is targeted for individuals who are active in substance abuse programs of any type in any setting. This class focuses on risky situations, scripting changes, coping with urges and cravings, being around users, understanding support issues and taking charge. This class helps substance abusers stay clean and change their way of thinking about substance abuse.


G.E.D.  (Graduation Equivalency Diploma)

               This program is offered by the Laurel County Adult Education. The program offers individuals the opportunity to obtain their GED while and after incarceration

Celebrate Recovery

               This program is offered by one of the many church affiliated with our facility. Hawk Creek Church provides this a 12 step program and recovery plan in which is designed to help individuals overcome life issues using Christian principles.