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Laurel County Corrections - London, Kentucky
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Contraband Arrest


Jailer Jamie Mosley

Laurel County Corrections

Contact: Jailer Mosley

 For Immediate Release  

Jail Makes Arrest On Female Smuggling Drugs To Inmate

            LONDON, KY.   (May 8, 2014)  -   During routine daily call monitoring of inmate phone calls, Sgt. Tim Hendrix discovered a conversation indicating that a female citizen had smuggled Suboxone to a male inmate housed at the facility.  Further investigation indicated the transaction took place on one prior occasion during the evening of May 3rd, and that another attempt to provide a larger quantity of the drug was soon to be delivered.  At approximately 8 p.m. Wednesday evening the female suspect arrived at the Correctional Center for a scheduled visit with the male inmate.  Upon arrival she was interviewed by Jailer Mosley along with members of the command staff, where she admitted to providing the drug along with a can of tobacco to the inmate.  The drugs were delivered to the fenced in rear loading dock area of the facility kitchen, and then were retrieved by the male inmate assigned to the kitchen area.  Jailer Mosley advised, “We desperately need the rear street behind the jail to be closed so that we may fence in that entire street and back lot area.  This would allow us to limit the traffic near the loading dock area to approved deliveries and personnel only.”  Plans are in place to make this happen and we hope to present the proposal to the city council for approval.

            Arrested and charged with Promoting Contraband 1st Degree a felony was Lisa Callebs  D.O.B. 10/04/1968 of Hinkle, KY.  She is now lodged at the Laurel County Correctional Center.  “During the past 3.5 years we have realized success in helping inmates get off drugs, it is because of the efforts of our staff and their commitment to making sure that we maintain a drug free facility that for the first time in many of our inmates lives they can make sober, conscious decisions to become drug free,” said Jailer Mosley.  We fight this battle daily and we perceive anyone who is willing to bring drugs to this facility as an enemy to our inmates sobriety, and we will prosecute them to the fullest extent.


Lisa Calebs Promoting Contraband Press Release